Web Design

web design imagePresentation is everything! With over-the-counter web design products any nephew, neighbor or geek-technician can produce a web site. However, first impressions are powerful. Web design is a science in and of itself; there are no set-in-stone best ways to proceed and there are many common mechanical errors that befall novice web programmers. A professional web design firm can provide a smooth transition to a web site that is sound and strong, a successful marketing tool. Read more

Internet Marketing

internet marketing imageMarketing of products and services over the internet has grown exponentially.  Compared to conventional advertising, internet marketing receives excellent results with only a fraction of the cost.  It’s all about exposure.  The strategic placement of a company’s advertisement in the path of its specific target market is a powerful sales tool.

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IT Consulting

IT consulting imageThe only constant in the field of communications technology is change; what is out there today will be tweaked and rewritten better tomorrow.  To keep up is a daunting task.  Even more challenging is choosing what software suite, point-of-sale system or VoIP phone technology is right for me?  Yet the correct choice could pay for itself in savings.

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